jueves, abril 30, 2015


In a way, this punishment is much better deserved than the death penalty for this monster. She said in her last statement in Court that she was fighting for her life, and she got away with it, she won her case: she got LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Yeah, what a great victory! Congratulations Jodi. You will be a living death for the rest of your miserable time in this planet. 

Day in, day out you will be in the same place, looking at the same four walls, talking to your own despicable self. You will be locked up in a coffin only a bit bigger than the one you would have been placed if had you gotten the lethal injection, the same one where you will some day be placed anyway. 

For now enjoy your time in Perryville, Jodi, teach Spanish to the walls. You will be proud of your teaching skills when they start answering you back in perfect Spanish accent: PUDRETE EN ESTAS CUATRO PAREDES, PUTA ASESINA...!☼

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